David Axelbaum    Chief Engineer                                                  

David Axelbaum    Chief Engineer                                                

David has been playing and recording music all his life. After attending the University of Miami’s School of Music, he began his career at world famous Criteria Studios in Miami, working on gold and platinum albums with some of the worlds finest musicians and producers.

Following a growing interest in sound for picture, he relocated to Chicago to pursue the art of commercial post, and opened Airstream Audio in 2002. 

He has won a Silver Cannes for Bud Light with DDB Chicago, and a Bronze Cannes for Tampax with Leo Burnett Chicago.


He has mixed Super Bowl commercials in 5.1 for

Cadillac - Leo Burnett

Dove - Ogilvy Mather

Weathertec - Pinnacle 


In the music arena he has won :

Platinum record for Bob Seger

Gold record for Don Johnson

And has mixed five albums nominated for Grammy awards